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We show you the perfect facial together with the relaunch of our DRY SKIN series

We show you the perfect facial together with the relaunch of our DRY SKIN series.

Non-stop moisture with the new products. More innovative than ever before. We have overhauled and improved all products in their active ingredients. The former Day Vitalizer has been replaced by the Super Hydrating Cream and the rich Night Replenisher by the Hyaluron³ Replenish Cream. The former Aquatense Moisture Gel is now also available in a modified formula as Hydro Active Gel. 

For cosmetic products to have maximum effect on the skin, the right care and sequence is crucial. Our guide provides orientation for the optimal beauty routine – suitable for all skin types.

Basically, every skin needs a certain amount of moisture to be smooth and supple, which is why DRY SKIN is also super suitable as summer care. Cold weather and especially the sun dry out our skin and accentuate moisture wrinkles. Typical for dry skin are feelings of tension, rough skin and a dull complexion. In most cases, the cause is a lack of moisture and/or oil. The hydro-lipid balance is disturbed and the natural barrier function against external environmental influences is thus limited.

Based on powerful ingredients, DRY SKIN provides silky smoothness, a fresh complexion and long-lasting moisture deep down. 

Step by step to flawless skin

1. Clean thing!

Cleansing is the daily basis. Mild cleansing with the Mild Creamy Cleanser leaves the skin feeling noticeably soft and smooth without stripping it of its natural moisture. It frees the skin from dirt, sebum and make-up down to the pores. You should not do without the cleanser in the morning either, because the subsequent care is absorbed much better on clean skin and only then works optimally.

2. Peel it, baby!

Once or twice a week, the skin needs a peeling, which removes dead skin cells and provides the skin with high-quality and nourishing oils. Mild Face Rub gives the skin a new glow, stimulates the circulation and accelerates the regeneration of the skin.

3. More Tonic please!

Afterwards, the refreshing tonic rebalances the pH value of the skin and removes the last traces of make-up, dirt and cleansing products. The skin is vitalised, intensively moisturised and the effectiveness of the subsequent care is optimised. It is simply more than just a tonic water.

4. Attention mandatory masks! 

Face masks are similar to peelings: they don’t have to be daily, but should be used up to twice a week. The light gel texture of the wonderful Deep Xpress Hydro Mask floods the skin with moisture and makes the complexion appear plump and fresh. 

5. Active ingredient bomb!

Every now and then, our skin needs intensive additional care for the benefit of skin moisture and the skin’s own defence system.

As an innovative power serum and absolute moisture booster, Deep Xpress supplies and protects the skin intensively and long-lasting right into the depths. 

The rosé shimmering Hyaluron Impulse care capsules provide an extraordinary skin care experience and result. Velvety, delicate and soft, the bouquet of selected active ingredients spreads over the skin and leaves a similar feeling with a silky-matt shimmer.

6. Love through lipids!

A good skin care cream not only protects the skin from drying out, but also from negative environmental influences. DRY SKIN penetrates deep into the skin and, due to its structure, forms a very stable, moisturising network with a plumping effect.

Hydro Active Gel is perfect for dehydrated skin and those who prefer a light gel to a cream. The lightweight cream gel absorbs quickly and provides continuous hydration, leaving the skin silky soft and fresh.

As a 24h care and excellent make-up base, the Super Hydrating Cream replenishes moisture and lipid depots and provides resistance against external influences. The moisturising care makes the skin appear smoother and your skin gains radiance.

Sometimes the skin needs richer care overnight, with regenerating and strengthening properties. Hyaluron³ Replenish noticeably relaxes the skin and gives it new elasticity and suppleness.

7. Eye power!

Nowhere else are wrinkles more noticeable than around the delicate eye area. The mini lift prevents puffiness, reduces dark circles and gives you a radiant, awake look in no time. After all, we should be able to read our every wish, but tiredness & co. are definitely not part of it!

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