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Silhouette Contouring Cream 150 ml

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An effective firming cream. The skin´s contours are noticeably improved, cellulite is prevented and the skin becomes noticeably more firm.

Silhouette Contouring Cream is the “creamy solution” to improve contours, counteract cellulite and make the skin appear fi rmer and more elastic. The intensively nourishing formula contains a combination of natural natural active ingredients such as guarana, caffeine, laminaria algae, ivy and horsetail, which help to accelerate the reduction of excess fat deposits and firm the skin.




After showering or bathing, apply Silhouette Contouring Cream to the problem areas, especially the thighs, upper arms, abdomen, buttocks and hips. Apply gentle pressure when massaging it into the skin in circular motions. Silhouette Contouring Cream can be used morning and night. It does not cause any excessive heat sensation, thereby making it suitable for year-round use or for continued care after a course of treatment with the Body Contour Booster, for targeted cellulite minimisation.




• Guarana: Guarana (Paullinia cupana extract) is the richest source of caffeine currently known. Caffeine is particularly interesting for its stimulating and slimming properties

• Coffeine: Caffeine works in synergy with guarana. It enhances the stimulating and slimming effect

• Laminaria Extract: Laminaria algae are rich in mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements. They have a remineralising effect and strengthen the skin’s hydrolipid film. In addition, they tighten and firm the skin, thus providing a slimming effect

 Ivy Extract: Ivy’s saponins of have a draining effect and reduce cellulite

• Horsetail Extract: Thanks to its richness in silicic acid (60-80%), the Horsetail provides a remineralising and firming effect on the skin

 Shea butter: Nurtures and moisturises the skin


CONTENT 150 ml
pH VALUE 6.0
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