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Perfect Bust Formula 75ml

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Highly-effective bust and décolleté firming concentrate. Enhances femininity and leaves the décolleté looking firm. Contains: Perfect Bust Complex, ESP (elastin-stimulating peptides), hyaluronic acid and macadamia oil.

A well-formed neckline is the epitome of femininity. However, due to changing circumstances the bust area may be placed under particular strain. These include e.g. weight changes, the influence of the sun plus pregnancy and breast feeding. Perfect Bust Formula is a highly-effective lifting concentrate for emphasizing the femininity of the bust and neckline. With its velvety soft consistency, the lifting concentrate is rapidly absorbed into the skin and leaves the bust and neckline looking visibly lifted. With Perfect Bust complex consisting of mangosteen, quince and algae bioferment plus ESP (elastin-stimulating peptides), hyaluronic acid and macadamia oil.




Distribute Perfect Bust Formula gently over the bust and neckline. Apply daily.

Tip: Alternating showers promote metabolic activity in order to support and maintain the bust tissue. A bust workout intensifies the effect to achieve a lifted bust.




• Perfect bust complex with scientifically proved studies; combination of three plant-based active substances.

• ESP: Elastin-stimulating peptides; these structure the elastic tissue and ensure increased firmness

• Short-chain hyaluronic acid: Low-molecular and biotechnologically obtained moisturizer with high moisture binding capacity, penetrates down to the lower layer of the epidermis and visibly “pads” it out, smoothes the skin and protects its moisture

• Long-chain hyaluronic acid: High-molecular and biotechnologically obtained moisturizer with high moisture binding capacity, forms a smoothing film on the surface of the skin

• Macadamia nut oil: Softening and skin-smoothing, rich in palmitoleic acid; palmitoleic acid enhances the oil’s ability to penetrate into the skin

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