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After Sun Lotion 150 ml

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Relaxing, cooling emulsion for after sun care.

After sunbathing, use the series‘ After Sun Lotion to ensure a long-lasting tan. Moisturizing, cooling lotion for ensuring care after sunbathing. The extra portion of soothing active substances calms the skin and smoothes the complexion after sunbathing. With bisabolol, panthenol and vitamin E acetate plus the sensitive extract consisting of aloe vera, horse chestnut and liquorice root. Application: distribute generously over the cleansed body skin and allow to work in.




Apply After Sun Lotion generously to cleansed skin after sunbathing and tanning bed sessions and spread it gently.

Tip: Since sunlight dehydrates the whole body, we recommend drinking enough water after sunbathing.




• Aloe Vera Juice: Soothing, cooling

• Alpha Bisabolol: The main active ingredient of camomile essential oil reduces inflammation

• Liquorice root: Soothing

• Horse chestnut: Strengthens blood capillaries, thereby reducing redness and preventing swelling

• Panthenol: Soothes the skin, promotes skin regeneration

• Shea butter and macadamia nut oil: Skin-nourishing natural lipids

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