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Hydrating Gel Mask

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Hidrantna gel maska sadrži ekstrakt biljke Imperata cylindrica,što ovaj osvežavajući gel prijatnog mirisa transformiše u veoma efikasnu masku sa izuzetnim efektima.
Već nakon prve primene vlažnost na površini kože je povećana za 20%

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Use the gel brush to distribute a thin layer of the gel mask directly onto the face and neckline, including the eye area. Time required to work in: 5-20 minutes. Remove residues with moist mask sponges and continue to provide the skin with the usual care. For maximum pampering effect, allow the mask to work in over night.

Tip: Relaxation is an essential element of strength.

While the mask is working in, you should relax – another nice way of pampering yourself.

Hydrating Gel Mask+ is outstandingly suitable as a moisturizing contact gel in ultrasound applications.

It is also fantastic as an after sun mask, after sport and a visit to the sauna.


• Aquaporin-stimulating peptide (ASP): Increase in the moisture content of the Stratum corneum, the outer layer of the epidermis – the horny layer – through activation of the skin's native aquaporins (water-conducting channels in the cell membrane)

• Imperata cylindrica root extract: Root extract from the desert plant Imperata cylindrica, which is able to survive even under extremely dry conditions. Retains the skin's moisture content and ensures a quick and continuous supply of moisture

• Sorbitol: Plant-based sugar with moisturizing properties. Crucially regulates the skin's moisture content

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pH VALUE 6.3


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