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Platinum care

PLATINUM CARE, the products being manufactured by JANSSEN COSMETICS for its new innovative premium anti-ageing care concept, offers luxury care of the highest possible scientific level. PLATINUM CARE provides highly effective ingredients and top-quality, velvety formulas. After just one use, your skin will benefit from the unique effect of the premium care provided by these products.

Every single product contains active substances that will improve your skin’s structure as a whole and give you an even, youthful radiance. High-tech peptide Matrixyl™ Synthe’6™ will make the organ appear firmer, while a multi-action extract taken from the Persian silk tree will reduce visible signs of fatigue and high-grade colloidal platinum will leave your skin feeling uniquely pleasant. The luxurious formulas of our PLATINUM CARE will pamper both your skin and your senses. Pigmentbased diffusers will brighten the skin’s sheen and enhance its general appearance immediately.

PLATINUM CARE: the science of timeless beauty! Enchant your skin with these exquisite care jewels.

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Showing all 5 results

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